How to decorate vintage coffee table design?

There are many ways to feel the atmosphere back then when you were little. Starting from opening a photo sheet to applying the atmosphere of the past in your modern home. Vintage style is synonymous with past memories, flowers and shabby items. Interested in applying vintage style at home, especially the living room? We will tell you the tricks to create a vintage living room

Place a Shabby Coffee Table in the Vintage Living Room

A living room is required to have a coffee table to put the guest’s drinks. For a vintage living room, use a coffee table made of wood whose paint has been slightly peeled to make it look ‘shabby’ but still beautiful. This vintage-style coffee table can be a foot table 4 or used wooden crates like the picture above. Don’t be afraid to experiment with used items.

Vintage Living Room Table Decorations

Just putting a coffee table is not enough for a vintage living room. You need to add a little decoration to beautify the living room. Some typical vintage decorations that you can place on the table are small candles, mini flower vases, as well as a few cups of ceramic, sweet coaster, and medium-sized cans to store small items.

To decorate a wall or display table in a vintage living room, use a photo frame that has carvings on the edges or plain frames whose paint has been slightly peeled off. In addition, you can be creative by arranging it with a collage photo frame model for a unique impression. Apparently, creating a vintage living room is not difficult right.

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