Tips for Bringing Birds Home

Put some old magazines or unused paper under the cage. This makes the cleaning process easier, and the paper base is easily removed, and you can put a new paper pad for use until the next day. Keep your old letters and newspapers in stock.

Move the bird into a suitable place to carry. You can use a hard-sided carrier, such as a cat cage or cage recommended by a breeding place or pet store. Put it safely in the car so the cage will not move much during the ride home. You can cover the top of the cage with a towel to provide privacy for the bird, but make sure there is enough air ventilation to keep the bird cool and breathe well.

When you bring a bird for the first time to the house, allow your own bird to adjust to its surroundings. This also applies when moving the cage to another part of the house if the age of the bird is still young. Providing time to adapt will make the birds accustomed to its surroundings in its own way and without feeling threatened by human existence. But make sure you provide enough food and water.

How To Make A Bird House With Inexpensive Materials?

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