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Film is the most interesting work of art to watch, the actress and actor’s plays make the film even more amazing. There are so many types of films that are often played in your favorite cinema, whether they are romance, horror, action, humor, Sci-Fi, fantasy, and others. Which type of film do you like? It must vary. The activity of watching movies is the most impressive pleasure, the combination of graphics and technology so spoil our beautiful eyes. Coupled with a thunderous sound makes the ears so spoiled.

This activity we usually do during holidays or weekends, many professions that many want to watch a movie that they like, when there is the latest film, of course people flocked to see the film, even willing to straighten their legs swiftly in order to get a ticket.

When paying close attention, sometimes these eyes are like getting the implied tilt, the children who are still funny are running around in your favorite cinema. From kindergarten students, to elementary school students. Today, free to bring children watching for entertainment. A superficial thought when watching with a young child, still benefiting at noon. When getting a curfew? The loss is there, what’s the point of inviting children to watch the adult category?

Nowadays there are very few children’s films, language ignorance should be a material for parents nowadays. Don’t think that the movie is exciting and it must be worth watching with children, open our minds wide.

Children are invited to take pictures in the cinema, but when children don’t want to be as forced once. Remember when an expert was talking, “we have to be introspective, not a little show off, little by little.” Enough for ourselves, do not show our ignorance that cannot take care of children wisely.

Use your child’s free time by reading, must start venturing with literacy activities. Parents must set a good example of their children, starting with a vacation telling about what they read. Our apostle used to be told to ‘read’ not to watch. Lack this modern honesty.

Tips on how to watch movies online on smartphone

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